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Graham’s Photography

This site serves as a collection point for my various photographic and related references and projects.

Mamiya Twin Lens Reflex

This site is home for some of my Mamiya TLR documents for the Mamiyaflex C model onwards. There are photo pages for the C220 and the C330 models, as well as a collection of photographs of other items in the Mamiya TLR system.

The full Mamiya TLR System Summary is also located here.


Various photographs are on display here. Some are in support of my Mamiya TLR material. Other collections are of current and recent work.

Other Camera and Darkroom Information

The Darkroom Project page goes into the design, construction, and periodic changes of my darkroom.

The 5x4 Development Tubes page goes into the manufacture of single sheet 5x4 sheet film daylight developing tubes.

The Cigar Box Pinhole Camera page details the construction of a compact 5x4 pinhole camera using an old wooden cigar box. In support of that I have included links to my World Wide Pinhole Photography Day entries. Some of those were made on this camera, and some using a Zero Image 6x9 roll film pinhole camera.

Out of curiosity I built an 8x10 camera to see if the larger format would be better for my cyanotypes.

The Cyclops Panoramic Camera is one of the oddities in my collection.

The Photo Data section has some odds and ends on developing.

Site Reconstruction [Show Hide]

This is mostly a redesign and revision of the existing content. The old site was a mixture of hand coded HTML and editor macros. This required a lot of work to maintain menus and links. The old method of generating the Mamiya TLR System Summary pages (Word to RTF, then an old version of RTF2HTML (circa Word 6!), and finally some post-processing with AWK to clean up the HTML and add extra boilerplate) has been unreliable for some time. The new system is to use [Pandoc]( to go from DOCX to Markdown and create a Table of Contents in the process, use some AWK to split the result into 'chapters', and then let Webgen build the pages. There may well be some broken links as a result of this, especially in the Mamiya TLR pages. Hopefully the search engines will get around to re-indexing things soon. The Mamiya Miscellaneous Photo Page contains some new material, as well as images previously embedded in the TLR System Summary.