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13 On-line Sources

13.0 World-Wide Web Sites

As is the nature of the Web, sites come and go, and contain varying amounts of information. These are the ones I find worth keeping an eye on.

1 Mamiya America Inc. ( ) used to have a web page with a User Forum for older cameras which included considerable discussion on the TLRs. As of February 2007 this service appears to have been closed. A lot of accumulated lore went away with this service. They can supply manuals for some models (C3*, C33*, C330F*, C330S, C220F (*photocopies)) within the USA only. An online version of the C330 manual in Portable Document Format format is available. A similar facility is provided by Mamiya UK ( ). The various Mamiya agents have been posting revised history documents in the past year or so that under-play or ignore the Mamiya C series.

2 The new database-supported Medium Format Digest is the Medium Format forum at Photo Net ( ).

3 APUG is often a good place to ask film camera related questions.

4 There is some useful material on Barry Toogood’s including a reprint of a 2006 article from the British Amateur Photographer magazine.

Otherwise, try some carefully crafted searches. It often pages to dig beyond the first couple of pages – film cameras are becoming a smaller and smaller niche interest.

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